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Our company’s purpose is to help you uncover the greatness within yourself. Using Quantum Human design created by Karen Curry Parker, Numerology, Astrology, and Intuitive Energy Reading Serré will help you reorient yourself onto the path constructed just for you.

Every person is uniquely created and so should be the solutions to their problems. Uncovering natural talents, activating spiritual gifts, direct communication with spirit guides and ancestors via channeling, and inner child healing are but a few of the services provided.

Serré is an experienced energy healer, reader and channeler.

Driven by the desire to help people connect back with themselves, she takes pride in providing the most impactful readings, activations and healings possible.

As a Cosmic Consciousness Activator and Connector, her goals include helping you shed old narratives, heal traumas, and connect with yourself to cultivate and co create the story of you that is empowering and will bring you joy no matter what cycle of life you’re in.

In addition to her primary job functions, Serré has been recognized by clients for her extraordinary commitment to accuracy and connection when giving tarot and oracle readings.

Serré's passion for living joyfully can be traced back to her childhood, where she spent significant time working on understanding and decoding the emotional frequency of those around her to take that understanding to help them feel joy.

As a spiritual worker, she specializes in soul song and light language channeling, clearing and infusing energy into the auric field using reiki and alchemy, and transmitting downloads received from the void.

Overall her gifts with language and words enables her to speak directly to your soul. 

If you’re ready to claim the power you know to be inside, Astral Flame is the right place to not only see it but unleash it.

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  • Feel free to connect-
    I am a friend of Jessica’s
    She told me about you!
    I would love to connect directly with my guides ?

    Tracy Silva

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