Gate 40 Human Design Transit


From August 29th to September 3rd the sun is highlighting Gate 40 of Restoration/Loneliness. The entire collective is feeling the push to let go and surrender into the natural rhythm of what, who, and where your energy wants to flow for the purpose of finding and solidifying your place or role. 


Gate 40 is a gate that’s located on the Will Center which governs over value, worth, and will power. This is a tribal or community based gate whose purpose is to secure resources for their tribe but in a way that is distinctly their own to perform. 


Learning how to allow yourself to provide in your own unique way, while also being careful to not overextend yourself as you attempt to do your part for the whole is important. The mantra by the infamous Kevin Gates “I don’t get tired,” is one that doesn’t apply here because exhaustion is very real and not only is it real but it’s necessary to let you know when it’s time to rest and replenish. 


Gate 40 is here to remind us that we all have unique roles, purposes, and responsibilities to not only ourselves but to others and vice versa. With that understanding, 40 is asking us to believe in the value of our unique contribution and to allow ourselves to both work hard, and rest plentifully to supply it.


With the sun highlighting Gate 40, causing everyone to scramble to find their unique way of contributing and also how they can do it sustainably. The Earth, a grounding energy that anchors us into what is needed for the sun energy to be expressed to its full capacity, is highlighting Gate 37 of Peace/Friendship&Harmony. 


Gate 37’s entire goal is to approach everyone with tenderness so that they can feel at peace with the unique and vital role of their contribution to the whole. One of gate 37’s goals is to foster true equality for all to create an atmosphere that allows for the authentic expression of everyone to be not only allowed but supported. 


Dismantling the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s of roles, stereotypes and boxes to make room for what is. 


Meaning, in order for us to step up and into our unique roles with vigor, happiness and determination we first must acknowledge that our role no matter how obscure or not in alignment with the boxes we were told to climb inside by society are still important to the whole. Once we make ourselves aware of our unique paths, we then must allow ourselves to give into it by accepting. 


Truly the hardest part about accepting and getting into alignment with our individual paths is the relinquishing of what we thought we would be doing and who we thought we were going to be as well as those we thought we’d be doing it with to make way for who we are and what we actually wanna do and those if any we’re supposed to do it with. 

This is because we’ll be called to exhaust then replenish ourselves as we perform our unique role time and time again. We need to love what we do, who we are, and those we do it for to rise up and meet the challenge everyday with vigor.


We can’t do that if we’re not valuing ourselves enough to rest. We can’t rest if we’re not secure in our standing with our tribe. We can’t be secure with our standing within our tribe if we aren’t valued by our tribe. We can’t feel valued if we in turn aren’t valuing the unique contributions of those within our tribe.

So, are you upholding values that place people within roles? How fulfilled or expressed do you feel at the end of each day? Are you allowing yourself to contribute to the whole in the way you want? Do you know the way you want to contribute to the whole? Are you in a place where who you are and what you do is valued? 

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