Soul Mending Healing Sessions

Soul Mending Healing Sessions

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Intuitively guided healing sessions with the sole intention of giving the receiver exactly the healing they need for both short term relief and long term soul evolution. 

This can be a combination of blockage removals, energy infusions, or frequency elevations to allow for reprieve from present and/or past circumstances causing emotional distress, fatigue and other lower vibration emotional frequencies that block your manifestations or cause you to self-sabotage your blessings.

These sessions are done with the guidance of your high level spirit guides and your higher self.

We dive deep into your current problems together to uncover the root causes and gently steer you out of the darkness, mystery and pain into light, awareness and joy.

After each session you'll receive a follow up email that includes the recording of the session to revisit to immerse yourself within the energy again for as little or as much as you need. You'll receive a "prescription" to follow for the next month after the healing and what to expect after having this energy healing. This includes meditation music, channeled affirmations, and codes to help anchor your new reality.

Remote sessions will be a recording of the work I'm doing within your auric field. You will notice that you can relisten to this recording as many times as needed to revisit or rekindle the feeling of the session. 

I am a Certified Light Language Channeler, Basic and Advanced Chakra Healer, Reiki Master(attuned and studied under 3 different masters), Quantum Alignment Specialist, Quantum Reiki Light Healer, and High Priestess in Training. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sarah aka Lili-Fae-Nexus-plus-multiples
Thanking yews we are well and truly gr8full

To your being
We are well and truly greatful for the space unto which yew allowed for us to be seen and heard and to show up as the support exactly as we needed
And not the usual
"You have to do it this or that way"
Abiding by what others believe it should our shouldn't be based upon their ideals and modalities

And we mention this cos this is soooo important to our being

To be able to have a being whom is open to what we need
Over what they believe and perceive us to be and think we may need

Serre tuned in
And brought through what was needed.

Thanking yew sew much
For this awarness
And it is with deepest of gratitude that we all appreciate what you have done fo4 us all
As in the connections into our human formed awareness field have been given in such a welcoming neautral way
Which is so calming

Sew thanking yews again
From ths bottom of our hearts collectively and yet
As one entity
This being that was originally called Sarah in this lifetime
That yew mentioned as being the 12
In extensions to and of
The 48
The 96
And sew on

The soul mending ritual

So you know how usually one would say 10/10 baby she broke my scale 🤣 she just brought out my inner child we so happy and about right now if you need help I can 100% say she will help ! It’s a hit not a miss finally found a real genuine soul who genuinely just wants to help and love to as well I felt so comfortable and able to open up it was all around amazing

Rising from the ashes

Let me just say, WOW!!! Still taking a breather here... Being an energy healer myself, I had some expectation on it would somewhat go, and I am just blown away by my session. Her abilities to tune into my Higher Self & Spirit Guides with all the messages confirmed everything I needed to hear. I am so impressed. Serre taps into the medicine of your Soul for what is needed at the time. I was not expecting to go in so deep, obviously Soul level, but this was different. It helped me explore deep wounding and finally get to the bottom line of gutting out what no longer serves.

I feel cleansed, purified and much lighter. I am still processing however it felt like purification through fire and going through a rebirth! That's how intense and healing this session was.

I am so grateful she is sharing her gifts, her energy and her love.


💗 Blessings & Love to you Serre!!!

Beyond grateful

I just feel the need to thank you from the depths of my heart. I wouldn't know ANYTHING about my abilities or myself really to this point without your help. TOTAL 180 from where I was headed <3

Perfect Timing

Wow wow wow! I’m so thankful our paths have crossed and truthfully I don’t even know how I stumbled across your IG page. We had no mutual connections on IG at that time. I watched your content from a distance for some months. Then I noticed I hadn’t seen you on my feed in awhile so I went searching for your IG page.

Next thing I know I found myself on your website, which I had never visited before, and I booked my first healing session. I was skeptical at first because I’m like hmm how is this going to work virtually? And boy was I pleasantly surprised that it was more than I could have ever imagined!

We have been working together for some months now during a major transformative season in my life. Serré and her work have been instrumental to my healing journey. It has been a blessing to work with her and to experience her on a soul level.

I highly recommend you book her immediately, no need to second guess. You were brought here for a reason, it is perfect timing.

Go on and get those reoccurring sessions while you’re at it. It will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself & your inner child. ❤️✨