When They Go Low, I Go Lower. But, At What Cost? MY SOUL?!?

High vibrational beings both human, humanoid, and entity are governed by laws that are universal. The universal laws or truths are there to remove the perspective of duality (good vs evil) and leaves you with what simply is and isn't. 

This is payment for the harvesting of truth high vibrational beings have access to in the void. So, to put it in laymen terms, in order to access the energies of the universe that hold answers to what you seek or provide the energy for what you want to manifest you must conduct yourself in a certain manner.

One of the universal truths is LOVE. 

We hear about love and some may think of toxic positivity or relational love that is conditional or dependent upon the role that person fulfills in your life. Erase all of what you think I'm referring to and allow yourself to be an open conduit.

Love in the astral realm is a frequency that allows you to see the actions and thought patterns for what they are and not what they're masked to be. This frequency is challenging because it allows you to know beings (human, humanoid, and entity) for what they truly are. So your self-proclaimed enemy who has hurt you potentially very deeply is now looked upon as what they truly are; a being morphed by conditioning, trauma, and disconnect or all three! Their actions are a direct result of them operating from what is referred to as the Not-Self in Quantum Human Design. 

You become aware of the pain points in individuals you come across when you tap into and hold the frequency of universal love. It'll be easy to see, hear, smell, feel and taste. (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairolifactance, Clairsentience, and Clairgustance). 

Think of it like this; when you locate, acclimate to, then hold the vibrational frequency of love it allows you access into other dimensions and realms with ease. There are levels to this frequency giving you more "keys" and ease of access but that's a discussion for another day.

This knowingness you receive that transcends logic in the sense that logic is the repetition of patterns, is what allows us to know or have a sense of knowing before we are exposed to painful logic or repeating patterns. 

Also known as intuition. 

Now that we understand the basics, here's why it's detrimental to your long term ascension to descend or stoop to the levels of those who aren't on your vibrational frequency yet. 

First understand, that being higher or lower in your ascension journey does not correlate to worth. In the metaphorical eyes of the universe, we are all loved, doted on and adored with the same ferocity. The difference is that the manifestation of that love, doting, and adoration will look different and is dependent upon the energetic blueprint of the individual.

To know more about your energetic blueprint grab a Quantum Human Design reading from me HERE.

Now that we have addressed and checked our egos let's continue. 

A high vibrational being is emitting more frequency aka energy than someone with a lower vibration. Energy is nourishment, it is food. (When you leave food out on your altars for deceased loved ones or for deities they aren't literally eating the food, they're consuming the energy). When you stoop to address situations, people, or go into places that your intuition rings the alarms about, you are then willingly allowing yourself to walk into a potential energy harvesting where YOU are the main course.

Why is this a problem?

If you are a spiritual worker, you'll open yourself up to more spiritual attacks and lose access to recently unlocked abilities when you descend to levels beneath you while still trying to access the astral realm in the same capacity as you did before you descended.

The higher you ascend, the more access to information you have. When you descend, you lose access to that energy making tasks that were once easy to accomplish prove to yield more friction. 

The loss of gifts and abilities isn't the most alarming thing about descending. The spiritual attacks and the vulnerability of your soul is. 

You will attract all manner of low vibrational entities when you allow yourself to stoop low energetically.  Many feel a burst of energy when dealing in low energetic behavior but soon find that they crash soon after. They're unable to keep up with their regular routines and their emotions become erratic. 

For those familiar with daily cleansing and protection work, you'll find that no matter how much you erect a barrier it is always being compromised the very next day and in extreme cases, within the hour. 

This is because you rang the dinner bell and offered yourself as the main course and dessert all to prove a point.

If your first mind counsels you to let the behavior of someone go and to continue about your day, heed it. Choose your battles wisely as someone who is already operating within a low vibrational field won't have nearly as much to lose as someone operating at a higher frequency. 

So the saying when they go low I go to hell is very truthful because you wind up lower and in a more compromised state energetically than the person who caused you harmed. 

Choose you at all times. Even over your ego.


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  • I needed to read this. Thank you for the very easy to understand explanation. I like the way you make things understandable for me.

    Diosa Osunelegun

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