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Connect to Your Spirit Team

Everyone has a spirit team whose sole focus is to see you accomplish the goals your soul set for this incarnation.

Allow me to be the medium to strengthen the connection to your team by channeling forth messages from them using various tools.

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Energy Healing Sessions

Balancing your energy to accomplish any particular goal is a beautiful act of self-care. It's also a requirement for manifestation, access to other dimensions for channeling and consciousness elevation.

If you need a pick me up, strength to get through a tough shadow work process, or even a chakra alignment you're in the right place.

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Astral Flame

We offer a modest line up of tools and services to aid you on your quest of self-mastery. From energy healing, life purpose uncovering to spiritual gifts understanding and more.

We have what you need to stoke the fires of your beautiful flame to light up your world.

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Wow! That was all I could think for most of my reading 😊 it confirmed a lot of things that had been on my mind and it's already helped me some. I can't thank you enough for this and I truly hope anyone who reads this strongly considers getting a reading as well. Because of you I know someone near and dear to me is watching over me.

Nicholas Massengale

Pulled out of a pit of despair and lifted into a more empowering story - with much gratitude, I highly recommend Serré for becoming uplifted.
By taking what I had perceived as a hard chart- she wove her brilliance and illuminated a new path to follow- giving hope for a better more improved future.

With compassion and a sense of friendliness her words bring comfort and peace on a inner level.

Stephanie Nason

Extremely accurate. The reading I received came exactly when I needed one. I’ve never even received a reading before so this was an emotional experience. Please come to Astral for yours!


I've always been a believer..but last can guarantee this is gimmicks no games..

Genesia S.

Literally the best reading I’ve had ever! No exaggeration, but it is honestly the most organic experience. Every reading I’ve had so far has led to affirmations after affirmations and a true belief that in the things in me I couldn’t name but knew existed. This is a love experience if you’ve never had one!

Kirstin S.

This woman is beyond words than I can describe! I was recommended to her earlier in the year and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to come across such a powerful healer. I’ve had readings done by a few different people in the past and I can HONESTLY say she’s someone I can trust that I am receiving the information I need to know whenever I am in such a distraught place in time. She has a nourishing spirit about her and even if I need to be told something “harsh” she provides it in a way I can only respect because her intentions are pure and fluid. Her energy and spirit makes it comfortable & warm every time we speak and I don’t feel a need to raise an eyebrow or question if I’m getting “played” out of my money. She’s worth every dime and so unique, her gift is so divine and astral, I am thankful she’s placed on this earth sharing her greatness. One love mama

Ayela G.

It was truly an experience I've been aware to an extent of my abilities but the reading I received confirmed and shed some light on them. I learned how to unlock and control myself and these abilities through the Yoga program that was suggested and I feel as if a whole blockage of the unknown was lifted off of me.

Michael M.

I’ve had multiple readings with Serré and the experience is phenomenal.I’ve never had someone see me the way that she does. It’s crazy how someone who doesn’t know you can know so much about you and the situations you have faced. Her gifts and the prescription that she prescribe to you will help you transform into the person that you are meant to be.If you book with her you won’t be disappointed.She will laugh with you,she will congratulate you,and she will cry for you.I recommend you book with her to get the guidance that you’re seeking.

River Brooks

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