Gate 59 Human Design Transit


From August 23rd to August 28th the sun is highlighting Gate 59 of Sustainability/Sexuality. The entire collective is feeling the pulse, the drive, the desire to get in sync with something. 

For some it’ll be with another person as their sacral centers become activated through possible connections thanks to this transit. The desire for closeness, for intimacy and the oh so fun merging process between the bodies of two (or more no judgments here) people will be amplified during this transit.  

For others, this desire for something deeper and more meaningful to place your energy into will become a driving force for you. Creative projects you’ve neglected to start, continue, and finish will be putting pressure on you to ask yourself is this what you really want? If yes, let's do this, what all do we need. If not, let's consciously quit and make space energetically for our next right thing. 

Gate 59 is here to check us and our energy by making us aware of whether what AND who we’re engaging with is what we truly want or is it what we’re settling for. This energy is driven by a deep connection with and desire to literally merge itself into or with whatever it is engaging with. Because of this, this energy will make you very aware in your body if the person you’re with or the project you’re engaged in is what you really want by the amount of energy, desire, and motivation you have for it. This will show you all the ways you’ve allowed your mind to make you dishonest with yourself and the person/thing you’re entertaining.  

Does this person or thing light you up? Is what you’re doing really what you want? Do you love it, do you love them? Are you dishonest in any way about the reality of your relationship with this person or this project? 

With the sun highlighting Gate 59, causing everyone to be driven to embrace and merge with the things that light them up and to disconnect from and recall their energy from the things that don’t. The Earth, a grounding energy that anchors us into what is needed for the sun energy to be expressed to its full capacity, is highlighting Gate 55 of Faith/Spirit. 

Gate 55’s entire goal as an energy is for total freedom. Liberation. It focuses on the self and being a creator and leader of our own lives so that we can step into main character energy instead of settling for being an NPC (non-playable character). It does this by bringing to our awareness emotionally the areas we feel stuck, trapped, or at the mercy of others and even life itself and asks “What you gone do about it?”

Meaning, in order for us to drop out of our minds and into our bodies to discern honestly what we need to merge with and what we need to disengage from we must first allow ourselves to be honest about what is restricting us from making honest choices that prioritize our freedom, liberation, and sovereignty. 

So, are you engaging with people and things because it’s convenient and because it’s all you have at the moment or are you using your energy only for things in alignment with who you are and who you wish to be?

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