Gate 64 Human Design Transit


From September 4th to September 9th the sun is highlighting Gate 64 of Confusion/Divine Transference. The entire collective is feeling the pressure to make manifest or a reality the ideas, epiphanies and insights we receive that make everything just click for but a moment.

Gate 64 is a gate that’s located within the head or crown center/chakra which governs over insights, spiritual downloads and transmissions, and where questions are generated and sent out to the universe or God to attract to us the answer. It’s our beacon that connects us to the divine, to spirit, to the astral realms.

Within Quantum Human Design, this is a gate that’s located within the Synergy Circuit with its subcircuit being Miracles (in traditional human design this is the Collective circuit with subcircuit Sensing/Abstract). It’s named this because this is the emotional, sensual, creative right side of the brain whose power  is in taking the emotional experiences of the past and extracting from them the wisdom and memories that will aid the present and future navigation of life. It is in the allowance of the revisiting of our emotional experiences where we open up to receiving profound downloads or transmissions of insight from the universe from God that allows us to see where the wisdom can be harvested. 

Paying witness to and not playing victim to your mind at this time is incredibly important as it changes the way you will receive your downloads or transmissions. You will receive incredible insights as to how to do something better, and within the implementation of the previous download you’ll receive another, and another, and another making your task incredibly frustrating, exhausting, and confusing. 

We are all learning that insights, epiphanies, and ideas are plentiful. But we need something to anchor us to ensure we are making a reality what is ours and ready (hello strategy and authority). 

This is where the Earth, a grounding energy that anchors us, tells us what is needed for the sun energy to be expressed to its full capacity. For this transit, the Earth is highlighting Gate 63 of Curiosity/Doubt. Gate 63 is another head or crown center/chakra gate energy who’s

entire goal is to refine until it uncovers the truth or true potential of whatever it’s focusing on. 

Meaning, in order for us to gain control and clarity over the downloads we’ll be receiving over this transit we need to understand that there is no true end goal when seeking the truth. It’s an uncovering process that happens over and over and over. And because of this, we’re allowed to focus on what our hearts guide us to focus on and not everything that’s uncovered. This relieves us from the pressure of having to make manifest every idea right now even if our strategy and authority give it the green light. 

This process is done through questioning.

You see, we will all experience the pressure to enact or share the wonderful ideas, epiphanies and insights you receive unless you already have a defined head center in which that case the pressure is but another Monday for you. No matter how juicy the download, take care to honor it and you by waiting for your strategy and authority to determine the right time to share or implement, if it’s yours to share or implement, and if it's supposed to be shared or implemented. 

 Look to your view variable to utilize the questioning mechanics of the crown/head center to influence your downloads to come in at the frequency you’ll most benefit from. 

Gate 64 activates with How questioning. Gate 63 activates and refines with What questioning. 

Survival View:

  1. How is this knowledge necessary? What is the most vital thing I need?

Possibility View:

  1. How can I use this knowledge to expand my awareness? What do I need to focus on?

Power View:

  1. How does this information change the dynamics of what already exists? What is being affected with this new insight?

Wanting View:

  1. How can this knowledge fill up the void I feel? What am I currently missing that this information seeks to find?

Probability View:

  1. How can this insight fix what’s been broken or damaged already? What will come from this information?

Personal View:

  1. How is this insight relevant to me? What does this information do to help me?

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