The Delicate Art of Leaving

Why is leaving so hard to do when we know it's the option with our highest good in mind? 

Oftentimes the person, place, thing or situation that requires the removal of ourselves is something we've unconsciously (and in some cases consciously) handed over our personal power to. 

This is why it's such a struggle to do what we know is the right thing.

We rationalize our staying by doing one of a couple of things.

We tell ourselves that we need and in some cases we owe this person, place, thing or situation for our happiness and in someway for our survival. We trick ourselves into believing there is no other thing in the entire cosmos that we can attract that will top this thing because up until this moment it was the best we could do.

But this doesn't last for too long does it? You received this good thing at the cost of something. Is it your energy? Your self-respect? Your dignity? Your self-esteem? Your agency?

You know and feel that this is no longer in alignment with who you are today even though it was in alignment with who you were yesterday. Now you feel guilty. And so you settle. This is good enough. Right?

But it isn't. 

We hear often the grass isn't greener on the other side. This mantra is fear infused to keep people in situations that no longer suit them. 

But even if you leave one situation and find out the situation you chose isn't exactly what you wanted, it brought you closer to finding out what you truly want.

Let's face it, if it's a person no one wants to be the one you settled for instead of the one you choose everyday.

You deserve better even if the better you manifested turned out to not actually be what you wanted. It could've just been your opportunity to leave. And that's ok!

But it brought you closer to understanding what your better is and so this experience is just that. An experience. You're allowed to have more and to continue your search for your better. 

What will you pay for your better?

The cost is high. You'll have to have uncomfortable and painful conversations. You'll have to be the villain sometimes. You'll have to break promises (till death do we part, I'll never hurt you, I'll never leave you) that you never intended to break. But just like LOVE is a universal truth, so is CHANGE. The you that made those promises will never be the same you who has to uphold them. 

Here's the thing, if you know deep down this person, place, situation or thing is no longer in alignment with YOU, that means YOU are no longer in alignment with IT. By freeing yourself, you free it. This gives you and it the freedom to continue your search for what is in alignment. 

Not everything is meant to last forever. Not every promise you'll be able to keep. It is ok to change and free yourself. 

Most importantly, it is ok to search for a happiness that doesn't require heavy compromises that ultimately cost your happiness.

Living a life in full alignment with yourself is worth the discomfort, pain and the good and bad learning experiences.

Take back your power and go out and live the life you want, and not the life you think is the best you can do. 


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  • Deep. True. I feel more free each and every day. All it took was the first step.


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