The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra originally known as Muladhara is the first chakra wheel out of the seven main chakra points housed within your body. It is located near your tailbone and affects the following areas: your spines first three vertebrae, bladder and colon.

The Root along with the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras belong to the chakra category: matter. Meaning, it deals in the tangible or the things we can experience here on Earth.

The Root chakra specifically deals with matters of survival and the fear or bravery surrounding it. Water, food, shelter, safety and community are all the earthly matters that can influence the energy being stored here. Your lack of balance within your Root can also influence how you handle matters of survival leading to self-sabotage. 

For example, a person with a balanced Root Chakra will use their finances to secure their basic needs first to ensure security and stability. A person with an underactive Root Chakra will gamble with their basic needs by not using their finances to secure their immediate stability by using their finances for nonessentials despite pressing deadlines. Lastly, a person with an overactive Root Chakra will not only buy what they need but overprepare by buying in excess going beyond sensible future preparation.

Connected to the Earth element, the root is in charge of providing the necessary energy to feel grounded, stable, secure and provided for.  Without a balanced root chakra, your soul cannot focus on matters of spirit because its immediate surroundings are in disarray. So in order to have total chakra harmony with your seven main chakras and eventually transcend to working with the more advanced chakras to advance your spiritual growth you must get your basic needs physically and spiritually in check. 

What Does An Over Active Root Chakra Look Like?

  • Being quick to anger or judge those around you, even those closest to you.
  • Blaming others for stressful situations that may not have anyone in particular to blame.
  • Constantly making bad financial decisions by overspending on more than is necessary for immediate and future survival needs.
  • When a lack is broadcasted, the person amasses the item for fear of lack of security.

What Does An Under Active Root Chakra Look Like?

  • Lacks excitement or is apathetic about their life and the lives of those around them.
  • Unable to start or finish any projects.
  • Allows the uncertainty of life to cause great anxiety. Worries about things out of their control to the point of progression paralysis.
  • Unable to be responsible to use money resulting in a distrust between them and themselves and those around them. Instead of buying groceries, they buy shoes and other nonessential items despite needing food.
  • Afraid of exploring themselves spiritually due to feelings of lack of security.

How to Balance or Realign the Root Chakra

Work on securing your immediate needs physically. If you're physically secure consider the following.

  • Get Outside

Going on walks, running, hiking outside (especially with those you love) naturally grounds you AND strengthens your bonds with those within your circle. Parks, trails, and even a balcony filled with plants will suffice. You don't need to go deep into the wilderness to get grounded though it may be awesome to do so.

  • Meditation

Meditating, focusing on the Root Chakra can help you get yourself back in alignment with the the core of yourself. Using music and affirmations is a great way to drop your consciousness from your head down to a more primal state. 

Astral Flame partnered with Soul Unearthed to provide you with a custom track to meditate to found HERE. All you need is 2-5 minutes of quiet to get yourself Rooted. 


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