What is Human Design? What is a Quantum Human Design Reading?


Human Design is a system brought forth by a man named Alan Robert Krakower who received the system through a series of downloads lasting the span of eight days and nights from a mysterious "voice".

He later changed his named to Ra Uru Hu and spent the rest of his life teaching the system as he understood it until his passing in March of 2011.

Learn more about him here.

Human Design uses a combination of Astrology, The Hindu Chakra System, The Chinese I Ching, and The Kabbalah to bring forth a comprehensive report of all the energies both conscious and unconscious that make up who you are and what you're capable of doing here.

This system was believed to have shocked people awake from their mundane lives of going through the motions without a connection to themselves and source in a meaningful way. 

I use a form of Human Design called Quantum Human Design, which was created by my mentor Karen Curry Parker for the souls who have already been shocked awake and are looking to align themselves to their truth and connection to themselves and source. 

Using Karen Curry Parker's updated language for Human Design, I will reconnect you to yourself by giving you a detailed report of who you are and the unique challenges, strengths, and weaknesses that come along with the life you incarnated into to bring you back into alignment with how you were naturally designed to be.

How you were naturally designed? What does that mean?

Well, our culture, upbringing and society shape and mold us into what they believe we should be in hopes that it'll help us make the most of our life.

Though the intentions may be good, unfortunately this approach rarely coincides with who we BE and are meant to BE as the molding process often doesn't include US and our uniqueness in the plans laid before us.

Society gives us the roadmap for roads most traveled and asks us to choose one as a one size fits most approach which leads to people feeling inadequate and/or dissatisfied in systems and places they worked so hard to be in but are not meant for them. 

To the person who spent years of their life studying for a career you hated, to the person who feels like they're constantly fighting against themselves, to the person who feels like every decision they make brings an unreasonable source of fear of mistakes, to the person who knows they're special but not how, to the person who wants to take charge of their life by being more aware of who they are Quantum Human Design can help you. 

Do you wish you could uncover your pain points to help you understand your triggers or what about your greatest strengths to give you a plan to overcome the trauma that is keeping you from connecting to your special version of uniqueness. Quantum Human Design can help you.

This is done by looking through the chart and identifying the places that cause trouble and how they affect how you react, think, make choices, and even give insight into why, as well as giving you practical advice to CHANGE your behavior to be in alignment with how you were naturally designed. So you're not being given just a dump of information but also actionable plans to help give you direction.

So, if you're ready to begin the first step on your journey to complete self awareness, self acceptance, and self love, book a reading with me HERE.

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