Gate 2 Human Design Transit

The entire collective is receiving a heart chakra activation that is sending out a signal directing us in our right direction. The direction we need to face and allow ourselves to head in regardless of what our “plans” were. Will you go in faith and gratitude or will you go in fear and stress? 

From May 4th to May 9th the sun is highlighting Gate 2 of The Keeper of the Keys/ Allowing. 

Gate 2 is teaching us the energy of allowing. Of allowing ourselves to be, to receive, to have. 

Last transit we were made aware of the patterns in our lives that we were rationalizing about that kept us stuck. With gate 2’s energy we’re given the direction where we need to set our intentions towards then move with confidence in that direction with the knowledge that we’ll get where we need to go regardless of whether we take the scenic route or the shortcut, whether we’re walking, on a bike, in a car, or on the bus. It doesn’t matter how we get there, nor the speed, only that we don’t compromise who we are, what we want, and the enjoyment of the process.

You are where you need to be. You’re on time.

Because the Earth, a grounding energy, is highlighting the Gate 1 of Self-Expression/Purpose allowing yourself to freely be as creative and authentic with the story of who you are at this time will help calibrate your heart to attract more to you that reinforces not only your story but attracts those you’re meant to receive from that will aid in supporting you and the creation of your story. 

Some key aspects of this energy to understand:

  • Allowing yourself to receive from others without feeling the need to give back as payment is a deep lesson in self-worth and self-love. It is ok to simply receive sometimes without feeling selfish or guilty. Allow others to serve you as you’ve served before.
  • Compromising on what you want and who you are because you don’t trust you’ll be supported will keep you stuck in the story of never being supported. Burning yourself out from never asking for help isn’t valiant, it’s damning. 

We ALL have this energy defined thanks to this transit so ask yourself:

Defined Sacral (prime your sacral with yes or no questions then ask yourself)

  • Do I feel supported?
  • Am I allowing others to support me?
  • Am I living true to who I am?
  • Am I compromising who I am out of fear?
  • Do I know what my fear is?
  • Am I ready to acknowledge that area?
  • If not, do I know why?
  • Am I ready to ask source for support in calling in my higher self to orient me to the desires of my authentic self and to receive anyway that support comes in?

Undefined Sacral

  • In what areas of my life do I feel supported?
  • In what areas of my life do I feel unsupported?
  • How am I allowing myself to receive support?
  • In what ways am I not allowing myself to receive support?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • How can I move past this self-sabotage?
  • What are some ways source can support me in not only reorienting to my authentic self and it’s desires but to being open to receiving support in receiving those desires?

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