Gate 23 Human Design Transit

From May 10th to May 14th the sun is highlighting Gate 23 of Assimilation/ Transmission. The entire collective is being pushed to first integrate then express the transformative downloads from spirit they’re receiving. Clarity through introspection is key here. 

The gate 23 is showing us how transformative and thought-provoking our ideas are by being that way for us first if we allow it. As we ponder, reflect, dissect the ideas or downloads presented to us there will be calling out to share through whichever creative medium you’re most familiar with. Though many teach to NOT express during this time, this is the time TO express if you’ve done the work of assimilating the information first. 

Because the Earth, a grounding energy, is highlighting the Gate 43 of Insight it is here where the clarity is had through introspection and the ability to tap into or make sense of the downloads from spirit are done. The key is to not rush the introspection because of how powerful the feelings you receive from the clarity given.

Some key aspects of this energy to understand:

  • If you’re unable to articulate the powerful downloads you received from spirit, it isn’t time yet to express them.
  • Simplicity is key. If your expression or method in which you share your download is too complex even for you, then it isn’t time yet to express.
  • Timing is key. When you rush the introspection period required to assimilate the download into you, you miss the codes necessary to help assimilate it into others leading to confusion, feeling misunderstood, despairing, and even bitterness. (Everyone else isn’t stupid or low-level because they didn’t understand, you didn’t take the time to honor your brillance enough for them to understand.)

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