Gate 24 Human Design Transit

From April 28th to May 3rd the sun is highlighting Gate 24 of Rationalization/ Blessings. The entire collective is feeling the energy to come to terms with or make sense of what is happening and what has happened in our current reality for the purpose of transformation within self. This gate is showing us how we really think which fuels our feelings about where we are in life and whether we want to stay there or not. 

This gate is showing us if we need to either recalibrate or hunker down on the direction in life we’re headed by helping us to pause and truly ponder about the experiences we’ve had thus far and whether our reactions to them have led us down paths that are aligned with us or not. 

Because the Earth, a grounding energy, is highlighting the Gate 44 of Patterns/Truth it is here where the delusions we tell ourselves are stripped away and we see our reality for what it truly is.

Some key aspects of this energy to understand:

  • How we view an experience, good or bad, determines the story we make up about ourselves. Try to look for the edification factor of every experience not for ignorant optimism or “toxic positivity” but for cataclysmic transformation.
  • The stories we make up about “why” can keep us fearful and stuck. Liberate yourself by acknowledging your growth and transformation more than the pain left from the experience. 

We ALL have this energy defined thanks to this transit so ask yourself:

Defined Sacral (prime your sacral with yes or no questions then ask yourself)

  • Do I feel stuck right now?
  • Do I know where I feel stuck?
  • Am I ready to acknowledge that area?
  • If not, do I know why?
  • Am I ready to ask source for support in calling in awareness, strength, and healing to help me move past this area(s) of stuckness?

Undefined Sacral

  • In what areas of my life do I feel accomplished?
  • In what areas of my life do I feel stuck?
  • How am I resisting or not allowing myself to confront these areas?
  • How can I ask source for support in calling in awareness, strength and healing to help me move past this area(s) of stuckeness?

Gate 24 the gate of Rationalization/ Blessings is here to remind us that we need time to think about what has happened thus far in our lives to infuse us with the courage to embrace who we were and who we are so that we have the understanding and gratitude necessary to transform into who we’re becoming without settling because of the past’s pain and our fear of that pain.

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