Gate 33 Human Design Transit Report

Graphic displaying the throat center with gate 33 highlighted


From July 31st to August 5th the sun is highlighting Gate 33 of Retelling/Privacy and the Earth Gate 19 of Attunement/Wanting. Meaning, the entire collective is being invited to not only revisit but to also retell the stories of the past through the lens of empathy or emotional awareness by utilizing our emotional intelligence over our logical intelligence for the purpose of understanding what we need emotionally to liberate ourselves from past conditioning, trauma, and limiting beliefs. 

Gate 33 is one of the storytelling archetypes. It is through this throat center gate that we are compelled to travel back in time to reflect upon the stories there who in turn hold a key or code to reveal the who, what, where, when, and why’s of our present circumstances. 

We’re being called to create rituals of mindfulness practices that allow for the space to reflect upon where we’ve been, so that we can be intentional about our healing and decisions, to increase our emotional awareness and intelligence which in turn increases our ability to not only empathize with others but increases our intentional manifestation abilities and healthy communication practices. Because if we know what we’re feeling and why we better understand our behavior, desires, and needs in the present moment.

With the sun highlighting Gate 33, causing everyone to reflect and express those reflections to ourselves, our family, friends, and community the nuggets of wisdom we’ve gleaned from our past. The Earth, a grounding energy that anchors us into what is needed for the sun energy to be expressed to its full capacity, is highlighting Gate 19 of Attunement/Wanting. Meaning, in order for us to fully anchor into the high frequencies of the stories of our past to express from them revelatory understandings that edify and/or uplift we need to allow the wisdom of our sentience to overtake our logic to drop us into our bodies so that we can feel, sense, perceive what is truly impactful for us individually and not what “should be”.

The low frequency execution of this energy, is running away from or being dismissive to the stories of our past that evoke powerful emotions for fear of what we might find, or have to do to remedy it. So we opt to forget instead of allowing ourselves to be mindful enough to reveal the lessons hidden. This only causes your shadow to take over guiding you unconsciously towards people, places, and things that will teach you what you’re actively choosing to forget aka manifesting low frequency experiences unconsciously you’ve already experienced because you refuse to reflect and learn from them. So, you repeat them.

Are you running away from or running towards the stories that are coming up at this time? Whether you’re on the low or high frequency give yourself grace, understanding, and patience. 

I love you, I love me.

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