Gate 39 Human Design Transit


From July 1st to July 6th the sun is highlighting Gate 39 of Provocation/Recalibration. The entire collective is feeling the pulsing urge to reevaluate our lives to determine if we feel freedom and liberation or limitation and stuckness. 

Depending on which we feel, will create the experiences necessary to almost force us to make changes either within ourselves or our environment to relieve the pulsing pressure we feel. Because what we focus on we create more of.

Freedom + Liberation: If you feel this,

  • Internally: you’ll be feeling the pulsing urge to fine tune why you feel this way to make room/space for more of it.  You’ll find new and exciting ways to further rewrite your personal narrative from victimhood to main character energy by joyfully discovering and uncovering yourself.
  • Externally: You’ll feel compelled to uplift people stuck in victim reinforcing narratives, you’ll find words of encouragement to help others find THEIR main character energy to help renarrate the stories in their mind by highlighting and vocalizing the goodness, greatness, and badassness in them.

Limitation + Stuckness: If you feel this, (and it’s totally ok, don’t beat yourself up about it)

  • Internally: You’ll be feeling the overbearing feeling of being trapped. The stories of where and how you’re trapped by others and your environment will drown out the truth of the matter (you’re not as stuck and trapped as you think). This will cause feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and that life has no purpose making you feel the pulsing energy to do something but without the internal motivation to do so causing the pulsing energy to turn to anxiety.
  • Externally: You’ll pick apart others' stories of freedom and liberation to “humble” them. You’ll challenge the stories people tell themselves for comfort to see where the holes are not to edify but to destroy their hope to match your frequency of hopelessness. Or you’ll overindulge in things you can control like; eating and shopping to help funnel this pulsing energy into something for relief. However the relief is short lived and now you've created another issue; the repercussions of overspending and/or overeating. 

Gate 39 is teaching us that we are in control of our lives by being in control of how we choose to view our circumstances and what we do with them will determine how we can pivot from the low frequency of this energy to the high. It's all about recalibrating ourselves to a life experience of alignment and ease by simply not bending and caving to the thought that we are stuck, trapped, and hopeless.

Because the Earth, a grounding energy, is highlighting the Gate 38 of The Fighter/ The Visionary, we’re learning through the 39-38 activation that whether we’re feeling the high or low frequencies we must dedicate ourselves to the bettering of our circumstances. 

Freedom + Liberation: How can we use this pulsing fighting energy to burrow deeper into the energy of freedom and liberation to further write our narratives to radically be ourselves.

Limitation + Stuckness: How can we use this pulsing fighting energy to reorient our focus to liberate ourselves from our current circumstances (what we focus on we attract more of). 

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