Gate 53 Human Design Transit


From July 7th to July 12th the sun is highlighting Gate 53 of Starting Things/ Starting. The entire collective is feeling the pulsing urge to get something started and to allow the joyful process of conceiving,  nurturing, then birthing an idea into manifested form to happen. 

The vibrational frequency you set your intentions with at inception of whatever you’re starting; project, business, relationship etc. is what you will reap when it comes time for harvest.

If you sow the seeds of whatever you’re starting with high vibrational intentions you allow for your harvest to surpass expectations. 

If you sow the seeds of whatever you’re starting with low vibrational intentions you stifle the growth of your harvest.

Are you planting seeds for harvest with shallow intentions? Are you abandoning your seeds before they can sprout? Are you neglecting your sprouted seeds? 

High Vibrational Intentions: Heart Based

  • Desiring to be paid abundantly for your services while also ensuring your services give back abundantly.
  • Desiring a relationship that meets all your needs and being willing and excited to meet the needs of the other person.

Low Vibrational Intentions: Ego Based (and it’s totally ok to be here, don’t beat yourself up about it but try not to STAY here)

  • Desiring to make as much money as possible without your effort or empathy matching what was given to you monetarily.
  • Desiring a relationship to satisfy a need; intimacy, companionship, sex and not because of the actual person providing the satisfaction of the need.

Gate 53  is teaching us that not only is the effort to just get up and start is important but also the intentions we have when we start are as well! Allowing ourselves to just get started and for the right reasons is the main focus. Living in the future before you have a foundation established will create more problems for you to solve before they even manifested causing many of us to lose steam on the relationship, project, or business before it has even begun! 

Because the Earth, a grounding energy, is highlighting the Gate 54 of Drive/Divine Inspiration, we’re learning through the 53-54 activation that allowing ourselves to not only start but to start with pure intentions with an understanding that our intentions can be both materially and spiritually based (not one over the other) will give us the recipe for success and ascension. 

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