Gate 56 Human Design Transit Report

Pink graphic showing human design throat center with gate 56 highlighted in blue


From July 19th to July 24th the sun is highlighting Gate 56 of The Storyteller/Expansion. The entire collective is being invited to allow themselves to be heard, seen, and recognized as we individually are called to share our cleverly and creatively crafted stories of evolution, possibility, and expansion.

Gate 56 is one of the storytelling archetypes. It is through this throat center gate that we are able to express in a creative, metaphoric way the downloads of information or spiritual transmissions and insights we receive in ways that evoke powerful, inspirational emotions in those receiving our tales for the purpose of either expansion, upliftment, and possibility thinking or in the shadow expression for deception, distraction, and dishonesty. 

Your intentions will determine which spectrum you’ll channel forth with this energy, if you’re evading truth you’ll tell stories that evoke feelings of constriction, confusion, and limitation. If you’re trying to enhance the perspective of others or draw them into a deeper understanding you’ll tell stories that evoke feelings of expansion, hope, and upliftment. 

With the sun highlighting Gate 56, causing everyone to feel this tale spinning energy. The Earth, a grounding energy that anchors us into what is needed for the sun energy to be expressed to its full capacity, is highlighting Gate 60 of Acceptance/Conservation. Meaning, in order for us to spin tales of the highest frequency for the greatest good and expansion of all (or simply for those in our presence) we must understand that the rules that govern us are there for protection yes but need to consistently evolve with the people it governs to remain a protective and not restrictive barrier. 

So are we spinning tales to inspire how we can greater expand rules, social norms, and laws that govern the people in expansive, evolutionary, and possibility thinking ways or are we spinning tales to deter from change to stay with the current or past status quo?

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