Gate 62 Human Design Transit

Picture of the Gate/Gene 62 on the throat center


From July 13th to July 18th the sun is highlighting Gate 62 of Details / Preparation. The entire collective is feeling the call to put into simplified, easy to understand, terminology our intuitive downloads and insights for the purpose of clear manifestation actualization. 

In order to simplify the information you’re processing, you must allow yourself to be open and receptive to the various ways in which information can be received without placing a bias or hierarchy on the information that you are already familiar with or from sources you’re allied with.

The gift of the 62 is being able to take abstract, hard to understand, heavily detailed information and express it in a format that is not only easy to understand but wholesome in its content by not excluding information because of personal reasons and with an understanding that a fact today may not be tomorrow.

We discussed Gate 62 at it’s highest frequency but what about at its lowest? This gate’s shadow is the inability to consider other sources of information outside of facts and figures. To dismiss information to quickly be rid of whatever information you’re trying to process is hiding here in the shadows. 

Because the Earth, a grounding energy, is highlighting the Gate 61 of Mystery / Wonder, we’re learning through the 62-61 activation that in order for us to be able to process information in a simplified way that is for our highest good for whatever we’re inquiring about; relationship, career, education, environment we need to allow ourselves the opportunity to clear our minds to be receptive to new information that will give us the missing pieces we seek. 

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