Gate 7 Human Design Transit Report

From August 6th to August 11th the sun is activating Gate 7 of Collaboration/Role of Self and the Earth Gate 13 of Narrative/Listener. Meaning, the entire collective is being pulled to go inward to activate our own self-navigation system to guide us towards our highest frequency future by understanding our past. Remember last week? Now we know why all those emotionally charged stories were popping up. It is through the lessons of those stories that we’ll pull some of our greatest strengths and shortcuts to our high frequency future.

Gate 7 is one of the four directional gates that symbolize the future. It is through this gate that we have a pulse on the future that outlines a path to our highest good. This is why this is also one of the leadership gates as it leads by simply holding the map or being the visionary for the collective. It is a leadership energy that is projected meaning though it be powerful it needs to be first recognized in order for it’s influence to appreciated.

 The earth, a grounding energy that anchors us to live out the sun's activation, is highlighting gate 13 which is also one of the four directional gates but this one symbolizes the past. Like a rearview mirror  we gain crystal clarity in hindsight. 

With both these activations the meaning of the present energy is clear; in order for us to activate and anchor into our own personal knowing of the direction we’re heading into for our highest good, we need to first look to the stories of our past for tips, clues, and hints about what transpired good, bad, and in between as the understandings will provide much needed clarity on the metaphorical road ahead of our personal journey. Not only that, but it’ll also provide us all with a strength and trust in our own ability to guide ourselves onto the path and in the direction of our highest good. 

The low frequency of Gate 7 is abusing your visionary and quietly influential ability by either manipulating others for your own personal gain because of lack and scarcity thinking (I need to secure my future because there isn’t enough for everyone) or by neglecting to step up and into your natural quiet leadership role because you don’t want to stand out, you don’t want to share your unique opinions, or by simply neglecting to share your gift for guidance. The low frequency of gate 13 is simply not listening deeply to the words and energies spoken because we don’t like or are fearful of what they mean. 

What stories from the past popped up for you last week that are calling for you to extract the goodness of their lessons? Are you answering the call and facing the emotionally charged stories by listening to them fully on any and all planes that call to be heard; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually? Or are you feeling kinda stuck in the shame, hurt, embarrassed and other lower vibing frequencies so any lessons can’t begin to be extracted? Comment below where you are so we can do a collective healing to help move this energy. Remember, it’s ok to be where you are, but let's not stay there but instead move on and keep progressing.  

I love you, I love me. 

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