March 30th - April 5th Human Design Transit: Gate 21

Universe themed graphic showing the will center with the gate 21 highlighted to represent the March 30 to April 5th Human Design Transit Report.



From March 30th to April 5th the entire collective is feeling the spine straightening get in alignment energy of Gate 21 of The Treasurer/ Self-Regulation. This gate is teaching us how to manage what we have and what we do (or need to do) to sustain for the long haul and in alignment with our natural frequencies. This energy is teaching us that no matter how we slice it, the motivation to do must be, needs to be, and always will be completely self-motivated. 

This self-motivation doesn’t mean that the benefits are solely for you, but instead the reasons you do what you do come from a reason deep within that will motivate you even on the darkest, dankest of nights. 

Some key aspects of this energy are:

  •  understanding that wealth means something different for EVERYONE.
  • Coming to terms with your unique desires and needs around wealth. 
  • Understanding what wealth means to you. 
  • Allowing yourself to do what is necessary to get in alignment with your unique wealth frequency without burning yourself out. 
  • Understanding that you do not need to prove your worthiness for your unique wealth frequency.
  • Accepting that projections from others because you are in alignment with your wealth frequency and they are not is not a reason to sabotage yourself with feelings of unworthiness or “why me and not them”. 

Those who have this energy defined thanks to this transit ask yourself:

(These questions are a mix of defined and undefined sacral questions, allow your intuition to guide you to the right question(s) to activate your Quantum Interface Center/ Head Center).

Defined Sacral

  •  Am I being asked to regain control in my life?
  • Do I feel safe enough to begin regaining or gaining control in this area? 
  • Does the process of self-regulation seem daunting? 
  • Am I willing to endure the process of self-regulation for sustained peace in my life?
  • Am I forcing my need for control onto others by regulating them? 
  • Am I allowing others and myself the agency or freedom to self-regulate or learn to? 

Undefined Sacral

  • Where am I being asked to regain control?
  • What feelings arise when thinking about regaining or gaining control?
  • How is the denial of self-regulation showing up in my life right now?
  • How do I feel about myself and others experimenting with what is and isn’t right for them?

Gate 21 the gate of the Treasurer/Self-Regulation is here to remind us that what we naturally are compelled to do is enough. Having moments of down time, of non-busyness, does not mean you aren’t doing enough. Having moments of pause does not mean you aren’t doing enough. Most importantly your being on fire should never be compared to or dictated by another. 

To be on fire depending on your type, can be a roaring burst, a brooding simmer, a deliberate and controlled burning, a powerful burst that endures, or a dependable campfire ignited when needed and extinguished when not. You are unique, therefore what drives you, what ignites you, what makes you endure will also be unique. Find your reason and remember, happiness and joy is not a destination but a frequency. Allow yourself to align with what is already written to be yours. 

Everything that was brought to our awareness from the gate of ideas/anticipation from last week does not need to be done right now, tomorrow, next month or ever if your strategy didn’t deem it necessary. 

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