About Me, About We



What's up yall, 


My name is Serré aka Astralflame33. I didn't create AstralFlame they came to me as the vessel by which all my creativity and spiritual purpose will be expressed. 

I have curated and refined many different modalities all for the purpose of serving YOU with reconnecting to your unique and authentic expression. We set aside formalities like socially pressured morality to allow the truth of who you are currently to be seen, held, and nurtured 

Whether you're the cheater or the cheated on, the abuser or the abused. We are getting to the heart of you to reconnect you to love, to pull out an awareness, an acceptance and eventually a love of who you be on all sides and fronts. 

To help me with this I utilize a variety of tools. 

Human Design

I am an expert Human Design Specialist. I have studied:

  • All levels of Quantum Human Design and Quantum Alignment System with Karen Curry Parker. 
  • Original Human Design mechanics taught by Zen Human Design
  • Jovian Human Design taught and interpreted by Ra Uru Hu the original messenger.
  • Various courses taught by others throughout IG, FB and more. 

I continue to refine my knowledge and understanding of HD on a continuous basis for the purposes of self awareness, self acceptance, and self love. 

Gene Keys

I am an expert Gene Keys Specialist. I utilize Gene Keys to help walk my clients through the process of self-discovery as they learn about their gifts, talents, triggers, shadow points, sore spots, and more. This tool helps them see what was inherited, what was self-nurtured and how to transform to be their best most authentic selves. 


Like many I am self-taught through books however I have invested in many programs that have helped to refine my practices. I learned how to intuitively read and connect with tarot in my unique way through Axel Antojai.

My energy healing journey began very early with me having many different reiki and energy work teachers. I have studied and practiced working with basic and advanced chakras, I have been attuned to all Usui reiki symbols 2x by different teachers, I have also experimented with different reiki lineages having gained attunment to their frequency like Quantum and Antojai. 

I discovered I had an affinity towards light language and soul song channeling and went through The Bringers of Light - Light Language Healers training course. This opened up my access to the spirit realm and the different beings there which led me to wanting to have more control over the conversations I was having leading me to take the Channel Divine Messages with Spirit Guides and The Wing Makers - Light Code Initiation with the Seraphim courses all taught by Tiffany Tin. 


Looking forward to serving you!