Self Love Package: Gene Keys Chart Reading and Coaching

Self Love Package: Gene Keys Chart Reading and Coaching

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Allow me to help you uncover, discover, accept and develop the beautiful flame that is you.

This reading is for those who have already been made aware of who they are, they've accepted how their energy wants to be expressed, and now are working on how to easily move themselves through the low and high expressions of their energy to learn how to lead themselves with ease and confidence no matter what comes their way.


What You Receive: 

In a hyperlinked, personally made PDF you will receive a book detailing the following about you:

    • Your Core Wounds: The ultimate shadow work as the guesswork is taken out by going straight to the root. 

    From 0-21 we develop and solidify our emotional, mental, spiritual conditioning and patterns based on our environments, the people within them, and how those people mirrored certain behaviors.

      • This is how and where we wrestle the decision and manifestation making from the wounded unconscious to allow you to make intentional and deliberate life choices with confidence.
      • We do this by uncovering then working through each of your specific core challenges to essentially reparent you from the highest frequency regardless of your parents, teachers, environment and friends shortcomings.
      • You don't have to be stuck with the pain, fear, neglect, and abandonment wounds from the experiences dealt by life.
    • Your Right Work: How you need to serve or express your gifts for ultimate fulfillment.
      • Diving into the low and high frequencies of your requirements for ultimate fulfillment in how you're designed to serve the collective.
      • Bringing awareness to ancestral patterns passed down to you from both maternal and paternal sides keeping you from reaching abundance in the way you desire. 
    • Your Core Gifts: What you are here to bring to the collective.

      • Uncovering the stories keeping you from being able to express and hone your core gifts, the natural way you are designed energetically.
      • Diving into ways to allow for the natural expression of your gifts.
    • Coaching Sessions:

    Group Sessions: Meeting 4x a month. 2 1:1's and 1 group healing and 1 group informational sessions. 

    1:1 Sessions: Meeting 4x a month for 1 hour one on one.

    Each session will look different depending on what you specifically need. The goal is to help you develop your own way to keep yourself in alignment by establishing your sovereignty, magic, and confidence.

      • Healing sessions to nurture painful stories. (Loving on your inner child and adult self).
      • Releasing and Rescripting sessions to move from pain to a neutral baseline.
      • Activation sessions to help you feel and begin to hone the specified energy being worked on.
      • Energy work to help move through the brought up trauma and blockages

    Must know your birthday, birth time AND birth place. Please triple check before inputting the information in the intake form.


    If you haven't received a basic HD reading before and want to start there the foundational reading is HERE



    This reading is intended to serve you for a lifetime as it is filled with all the information needed to help guide you into alignment with yourself using my extensive knowledge, credentials, and experience as a fully certified Quantum Human Design specialist, Human Design expert, Priestess, Channeler, and Expert Energy Reader + Healer.

    The information is infused with light language written for the purpose of activation to jolt you energetically with a knowing that resonates with you in the quickest, simplest, most efficient manner possible.